I’m launching a blog dedicated to reviewing Game Boy Color games!

You’re probably wondering why it might be worthwhile to dedicate critical attention to writing reviews for games made for such a limited system. Thing is, it is precisely these limitations that make the Game Boy Color such an intriguing medium for game development. Creators must think outside the box and find innovative ways to work within the console’s constraints, resulting in unique gameplay experiences and visual styles that set Game Boy Color games apart.

In recent years, there has been a resurgence of interest in the Game Boy Color, thanks in part to the growing Itch.io Game Boy community, incredible Game Boy SDKs like GBStudio and the announcement of high-quality hardware like the ModRetro Chromatic. Such initiatives have encouraged both fans and developers to revisit the platform, leading to a growing indie scene.

The Game Boy Color indie community is thriving, with talented developers creating stunning new games that push the boundaries of what’s possible on the console. These indie titles often pay homage to classic Game Boy Color games while introducing fresh ideas and mechanics. At Color Cart Critic, I aim to showcase the best of what the Game Boy Color has to offer, both past and present.

Some of the games I plan to review

There are so many great games coming out! I plan to review indie games as well as old classics that catch my eye. But just as a case study, let’s take a look at the indie titles that were recently announced as launch games for the ModRetro Chromatic. I plan to review all of them eventually on Color Cart Critic:

Tales of Monsterland DX

“A village besieged by monsters, a mysterious tower and a broken rope bridge. Save the village by uncovering the origin of these creatures.” – an Undertale-inspired platformer, maybe? Looking forward to this one.

Pre-order on ModRetro


“Explore, solve, and battle your way through this heroic adventure, meeting memorable characters while uncovering the rich history of the land of Archend.” – this looks like a Zelda-style game, confirmed by the description promising nine dungeons.

Pre-order on ModRetro

Toki Tori - Ultimate Edition

“You can now enjoy the classic puzzle gameplay of Toki Tori, upgraded for today’s game playing audience.” – a re-release of a critically well-received classic that still is relatively undiscovered, since it came out right after the release of the Game Boy Advance.

Pre-order on ModRetro

In the Dark 2

“Join Ikalo as she solves hundreds of complex puzzles, explores planets for clues and uncovers a deep science fiction mystery.” – a sequel to a turn off the lights style puzzle game released on Itch.io. I’ve played the first one, and might review it here. Mixed opinions.

Pre-order on ModRetro

Patchy Matchy

“Help Patchy break the raddest records by matching 4 sea creatures in a row to clear them from the ocean.” – Looks a lot like Panel de Pon (also known as Tetris Attack or even Pokémon Puzzle Challenge)!

Pre-order on ModRetro

Traumatarium Penitent

“A dungeon crawler inspired by the Fighting Fantasy books and Warhammer Quest 1995.” – classic dungeon crawler, I’m guessing? I’m wondering how much they’ll invest into the lore and aesthetic.

Pre-order on ModRetro

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