At Color Cart Critic, we are committed to delivering engaging and entertaining articles while maintaining the highest standards of integrity and reliability in our reviews of Game Boy Color games. To uphold this commitment, we adhere to the following principles:

  1. Justified Verdicts and Scores: Every review verdict and score we assign is thoroughly justified within the body of the review itself. Whether a game receives a high or low score, we provide a comprehensive discussion of the reasoning behind our assessment, ensuring that our readers understand the factors that influenced our judgment.

  2. No Acceptance of Free Review Units: To maintain our independence and objectivity, we purchase all items that we review, including those that we receive prior to their official release. We do not accept free review units from manufacturers or developers, as we believe this could potentially compromise the integrity of our evaluations.

  3. Respect for Review Embargoes: We respect all review embargoes set by manufacturers and developers. When we receive a product or information under embargo, we strictly adhere to the agreed-upon timeline for publication, ensuring that we do not release our review or any related information prematurely.

  4. Genuine Independence: Our reviews are truly independent and free from any influence arising from potential partnerships or external pressures. Each review reflects the genuine personal judgment of the individual reviewer, based on their honest assessment of the game’s merits and shortcomings.

At Color Cart Critic, we are dedicated to providing our readers with reliable, informative, and enjoyable reviews that they can trust. Our commitment to these principles ensures that our critiques remain unbiased, accurate, and faithful to the interests of our audience.